ZYPERN - €-Bestellung

      ZYPERN - €-Bestellung


      erste Nachrichten aus Zypern haben mich heute erreicht:

      Euro Circulation Coins

      The bank will sell to collectors euro circulation coins in loose form, in any quantities.
      Applications for ordering euri circulation coins in loose form must be submitted after 1.11.2007.


      Starter-Kits will be issued for the residents of Cyprus in order to facilitate small transactions during the first days of the changeover. In case the Bank will be left with avaiable stock, this may as well be sold to overseas collectors after 1.1.2008.

      Euro Circulation Coin-Set (in 3.ply-folder)

      A set of the first euro circulation coins of Cyprus will be issued for collectors. The Mint of Finland has been given exclusive right for the sale of this set outside Cyprus.Conseyuently the Bank cannot sale this Set to overseas collectors.

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